Welcome to my blog! This is a place of information and hope for fellow Canadians who are suffering from Lyme disease. I want to share with you the knowledge I have gained during my fight with this debilitating, frightening, and misunderstood illness. I hope you will be blessed.


1. The award-winning documentary about Lyme Disease, Under Our Skin, is available at this website, on Netflix, or possibly for loan at your public library.  Our library had it.  It is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to know more about this disease and the politics behind it.  It would be great for recommending to family and friends to help them understand what you are facing.  Here is the extended trailer.

Under Our Skin (Trailer)

2. Michelle Backes talks about her struggle with, and recovery from Lyme disease.  Additional information can be found on her website Michelle On Lyme.  Her YouTube video is below. 

Michelle Backes - Part 1

Michelle Backes - Part 2

3. This is a video created by a Canadian couple, Justin and Christa Vanderham, to document their incredible struggles with Lyme Disease and a co-infection.  It’s an amazing story of love and courage.  The video is 1 hr. 15 min. long, but well worth the time to watch such an unbelievable story.  More information about Justin and Christa can be found on their website and on Christa's blog, The Lamp Post.

Justin and Christa Vanderham
Lyme Story - Treatment, Hope, and Success

4. Lyme specialists Dr. Steven Harris and Dr. Linda Williams discuss Lyme disease on a California radio station. Very informative.

Lyme 101

5. Dr. Jozef Krop, a Canadian Lyme-literate medical doctor, speaks about the obstacles to treatment for Lyme in Canada.  Dr. Krop was one of the few Canadian LLMDs but was forced into retirement.  Another LLMD from Toronto was threatened by the College of Physicians and Surgeons in 2011, and has dismissed all of his Lyme patients as a result.  Where are we to turn? 

Dr. Jozef Krop

6. Three Canadian Lyme patients tell their stories at the Lyme Action Group Press Conference in 2008 at Queen's Park.

7.  On May 21, 2012, there was a Lyme Forum in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. hosted by Congressman Chris Gibson.  This congressman is working to raise awareness and funding for the Lyme community.  Videos of the forum can be viewed at the video links below.  Thank you to Brandi from Cosmo Mom with a Twist of Lyme for allowing me to use her video information.  (Click here to visit her excellent blog.)

@ 25:00 Rep. Chris Gibson, US Congress 27th District, NY
@ 31:00 Pamela Weintraub, Author of “Cure Unknown”
@ 1:11:39 Holly Ahern, Microbiologist, Lyme Mother, “A Tale of Two Lymes”
@ 1:43 Lorraine Johnson, Esq., CEO Lymedisease.org, Board Member ILADS, “The Cost of Chronic Lyme”

Video 2

@ 20:28 “Leah” Lyme and Babesia patient of Dr. Richard Horowitz (Friends and Family should watch!)
@ 23:50 Dr. Richard Horowitz “Multi-Systemetic Infectious Disease Syndrome” (A MUST SEE!)

Video 3

@10:45 Dr. Daniel Cameron, MD, MPH Former President of ILADS, Beth Israel Medical Center, Mt. Sinai Hospital. ”Obstacles and Solutions for Tick-borne Diseases”
@ 45:24 Dr. David Lieby, MS, PhD ”Challenges of Tick-borne Illness Detection” (Very informative if you are interested in learning more about current and future tests for LD)
@1:46:45 Dr. Kenneth Liegner “A Leading Warrior in Lyme” (VERY GOOD and a MUST SEE for EVERYONE)

Video 4

Conclusion by Rep. Chris Gibson

8. Lyme Disease is affecting people all over the world.  Australians are having as difficult a time as Canadians finding help for this infection.  Here is an Australian news report on Lyme disease.  The physician interviewed is U.S. Lyme doctor/researcher Dr. Burrascano.  He is one of the pioneers in treating Lyme disease.  He no longer treats patients, but continues with research.  The other very interesting point made in this video is that of biological warfare.  Could Lyme disease really be a result of experiments on Plum Island, N.Y., just a short distance from Lyme, Connecticut, where the infection first appeared?  Wow. 

Click here to view the news report.

9. An interesting summary of Lyme disease information.

Seven Lyme Facts That Could Have Saved Me

10. Under Our Skin filmmaker discusses Lyme disease.