Welcome to my blog! This is a place of information and hope for fellow Canadians who are suffering from Lyme disease. I want to share with you the knowledge I have gained during my fight with this debilitating, frightening, and misunderstood illness. I hope you will be blessed.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Two good articles

I've noticed quite an increase in media attention about Lyme disease in the past couple of years, and it continues to make headlines.  That's great because the more we educate the public, the better they can protect themselves.  Here is a good article from the online Hamilton Spectator explaining the Canadian Lyme controversy.  Click here.

Another good post I read today was from the blog Lyme MD.  Dr. Jaller is an LLMD in Maryland, and he writes about cases he sees in his office.  He recently posted some rebuttals to "lies" that the medical community spreads about Lyme testing.  It's an interesting read.  Click here.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Already There

It's been a while since I've posted a song, so here is one that I pray will give you hope!  This is a Christian group called Casting Crowns, and I just love their sound and the lead singer's voice.  I suppose it's self-explanatory when you hear it, but the song talks about how God knows our future since it has all been planned by Him.....He's "already there" at the end of the road even though we are still travelling it.  I think back to my days of illness with Lyme, and I could not have imagined regaining my health, and yet here I am, healthy and functional again!  And God knew it all along; He was already there, in my future.  Enjoy the song!

Already There
Casting Crowns