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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lyme in Australia

Lyme is everywhere.  From Canada, to Poland, to Australia.  It's just so unbelievable to read stories of people, or whole families, affected by Lyme but who are being turned away by the medical community.  And that's happening from one corner of the Earth to the other.

Honestly, does the medical community think we're making this stuff up?  Do they think I've "faked" my recovery after 17 months of antibiotics?  Just what will it take for them to BELIEVE?

I feel for Australians who have been affected by Lyme.  Our situation in Canada is only marginally better then theirs.  But at least we neighbour the U.S. where doctors who treat Lyme are accessible.  Australia is on its own, so the situation is more difficult. 

I was encouraged to see that the Australian family in the video below has found a Lyme-literate medical doctor in Australia to treat them.  They are receiving antibiotics and herbal medications.  I wonder what the rules are in Australia regarding long-term antibiotic treatments for Lyme.  In Canada, a doctor will lose his licence if he/she does not follow the protocol for Lyme treatment which permits only about a month's worth of antibiotics. 

All I can say is that we need to continue to speak up and tell our stories - in newspapers, on the radio, on blogs, on YouTube, on the internet, and on Facebook.  Wherever and whenever we can.  We need to continue to bombard them.  Eventually, things will change; I believe that.  And these social media will have played a huge role in that.

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