Welcome to my blog! This is a place of information and hope for fellow Canadians who are suffering from Lyme disease. I want to share with you the knowledge I have gained during my fight with this debilitating, frightening, and misunderstood illness. I hope you will be blessed.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I'd like to introduce you to Kevin Sherriff, a Canadian teacher who is battling Lyme disease.  He lives in Whitby, Ontario.  He has written about his struggle with Lyme on his fantastic blog, The Lyme Chronicles.  I feel a bit of a connection to Kevin because I, too, am a teacher in Ontario, and I was diagnosed with Lyme disease by the same Lyme doctor that Kevin goes to.  I know, understand, and have lived his struggles.  Small world. 

Now that Kevin's health has improved somewhat, he has decided to give back to others by creating a non-profit charitable foundation called lymeSAVERS whose mission it is to alleviate the financial burden of Lyme disease for Canadians needing treatment.  Individuals would be helped by means of a bursary, which would allow them to seek treatment that is not offered in Canada.

If you are considering which organizations you might like to support by way of a financial donation, I thought I'd let you know about lymeSAVERS.

The first fundraising event organized by lymeSAVERS is a 5k Run/Walk/Stroll in Whitby on May 11, 2013.  Read the details here.  The evening before the walk, lymeSAVERS will host Dr. Ernie Murakami for an information session on Lyme disease.  Click here for time and location.

Dr. Murakami is a very knowledgeable Lyme-literate medical doctor who has helped many Canadians.  I had the pleasure of attending a seminar by Dr. Murakami last year.  Check out his website, Dr. E. Murakami Centre for Lyme

Thanks, Kevin, for doing such a great job helping other Lyme sufferers!  This is precisely the kind of thing that we need to do to bring some sort of meaning and positive outcome out of our suffering. 

I hope and pray that this horrendous Lyme situation in Canada will change one day, that the medical system will be properly informed and trained, that diagnosis will be quick, and treatment paid for by our public health insurance plan.

Until then, we need to continue to lobby, educate, and help.  That is my intention in creating this blog, and Kevin's intention in creating lymeSAVERS.


  1. I will be at the walk with my family. I was wondering if my 14 and 15 year old daughters can volunteer thier help that day?? We could bring them down early and can stay late if that helps??? Treena St-Jean (i'm on FB)

    1. Hi Treena!

      That's wonderful that you will be there, and that you can offer some volunteer support! I'm going to give you the e-mail address of Kevin Sherriff who is in charge of organizing the event. He is the president of lymeSAVERS: kevindsherriff@googlemail.com.

      I'm sure he will be so happy to hear from you and have your daughters help out.


  2. Lyme Savers helping turn the corner for Lyme Warriors in Canada!
    Paula I love the Lyme Maze, please visit the www.lymezone.ca
    I am a teacher also, on the board of lymesvers...
    I have been a Lyme Warrior for 25 year diagnosed 3 years ago in the States. Have a positive Elisa, and 2 pos Western Blotts....I am a zillion times better with Dr. McWonderful!
    I cant wait to look all over your blog it totally rocks!

  3. Hi Paula,
    I am so happy Kevin posted here. I am also a teacher, and a Lyme Warrior for 25 years, diagnosed 3 years ago and treated by Dr. McWonderful. I a a zillion times better! I am also on the board of Lyme Savers.
    I love the Lyme Maze, please check out my website the Lyme Zone, www.lymezone.ca.
    Keep getting out the word folks...the tipping point is comming!

  4. Thanks! And I'll check out your blog, too!