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Saturday, May 04, 2013

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Are you doing anything special this month to highlight Lyme disease?  Are you looking for an event to attend?  Here are a few ideas:

For a list of events in your area, check out this link on the CanLyme website.

In other news, Jim Wilson, president of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation (CanLyme) had some great news posted on Facebook today.  Here is the post:

A message from Jim Wilson, President of CanLyme:

Good news is that CanLyme is now fully confident our full research program will be underway by 2015 (and certain projects will commence quite soon) thanks to the wonderful donors who have designated their substantial donations for this project and hard work and many volunteer hours by the CanLyme Board of Directors. We will be also working with pro
fessionals, at considerable cost, to make this happen within the Canadian medical system, despite some resistance.

As you can understand this is a first of it's kind in Canada and much work is involved in setting this up. It may have appeared to some that little was happening, but that was and is not the case. Many meetings have taken place in various provinces with those people we need to make things happen and many more are planned. Research protocol have been almost completed, and medical ethics approval will be the next major undertaking.

Designated funds are held for the distinct purpose the various donor's requested their funds be allotted for, meaning we cannot allocate the monies to our general operating fund, which is always in need of more money.

Many other volunteers are making things happen Canada wide, and for a full listing of what is happening for May Lyme Awareness events in your province please go to
http://canlyme.com/2013/05/03/events/ and you will see that a lot of events are underway. Please attend these events if possible and bring friends!!
Thank you to Jim Wilson and the board members of CanLyme who work hard to assist those in Canada with Lyme disease.  We are truly grateful for all you do, in the face of such opposition.  Change is happening and will continue to happen as we persevere in educating the public AND the medical community about this illness.

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