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Sunday, May 12, 2013

What has Lyme done for you lately?

How has Lyme disease changed you?  Do you ever think about that?  Has it been for the better or the worse?  As for me.......

Lyme has made me acutely aware of my mortality.  I truly thought I was dying and may very well have if I had not found a Lyme-literate physician.

Lyme has brought me closer to God.  He is ultimately in control of my life and I am so OK with that.  He is my comfort and my hope.

Lyme has made me less carefree about life.  I'm not always sure how I will feel from day to day or sometimes hour to hour. 

Lyme has made me grateful.  I can still hold down a job, and be a wife and mother.  I have supportive friends and a loving family.  And my health has improved immensely in the past two years.  I have lots to be thankful for.

Lyme has made me more aware of my limitations.  Out for a walk last night, I noticed how I just don't feel the same as I used to.  My muscles and joints are sore.  I just feel old.

Lyme has hardened me.  I sometimes think I feel less emotion than I should.....maybe because Lyme disease was the most harrowing emotional experience I have ever gone through and I'm just drained.

Lyme has softened me.  I understand and empathize with others who have a chronic illness and I understand that the way they look doesn't always match how they feel.

Lyme has made me bolder.  Creating a blog, writing to my government representatives, doing a guest spot on a radio program.....these are things I wouldn't have done before. 

Lyme has made me frustrated.  The lack of knowledge in the medical community about this illness, the conflicts of interest, the in-fighting, the roadblocks, and the fact that I have to travel 3 hours away to see a doctor......these things are just so unbelievable. 

Lyme has made me into a helper, a resource for others.  And boy does that feel good!  I'm so humbled to be able to share my experience and help others who need information.  I'm just paying it forward!

All events in our lives, good and bad, shape our character in one way or another. 

Again I ask, how has Lyme changed you?

Check out this video to see the effect of Lyme on this woman's life.

The Evolution of an Angler

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