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Monday, January 20, 2014

The end of treatment (?)

In November of 2012, I announced my end of treatment with great fanfare!  How exciting it was to be DONE with antibiotics and to move on with my life.....permanently!  Well, that didn't last long, as about 7 weeks later, I experienced a mild relapse and went back on antibiotics.

I remained on antibiotics for another 12 months (just to be sure!), and added in the herbals Banderol and Samento for about 6 months.

So here I am again, ready to venture back into the world of antibiotic-free living!  I refuse to celebrate it, though, like I did last time.  In fact, I started tapering off the meds in December, and went off completely a couple of weeks ago without even mentioning it to anyone outside of my family.  It wasn't really a calculated thing.  I honestly just don't feel all that excited about the event this time around.

So why is that?

Well firstly, I can't be sure that my current good health will last once I stop the antibiotics.  Though I hope it will, you never know.  I don't want to feel a huge let down if a few symptoms creep back in a few weeks.  Secondly, Lyme doctors and researchers really don't know if a cure is even possible in chronic Lyme disease.  A reoccurrence might happen years down the road, requiring further treatment.  I think that Lyme will always have a place in my life, if not for the physical symptoms, then for the thoughts of it and how to keep it at bay.

So here is my Lyme ticker as of today.....the day that I "announced" my second attempt at stopping antibiotics.  I'm not going to stop the ticker from counting at the side of my blog, though.

Here's hoping that all goes well!  I'll keep you updated.

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