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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lots of reading!

Way to go, Maclean's Magazine, for publishing a balanced article about Lyme disease.  The more we can educate people, the more people will take precautions.  After all, the best "cure" for Lyme is to never contract it in the first place.  Click here to read the article in Maclean's.

On a personal note, I thought I'd give you an update about my life with Lyme.  I stopped antibiotics around January 1 of this year, but re-started them a few weeks ago because symptoms started creeping back.  On top of that, I caught the worst cold ever 2 1/2 weeks ago, and it's still hanging on.  The cold, combined with the Lyme, has pretty much done me in the past 2 weeks. 

Yesterday, I had the worst fatigue I've had in a couple of years.  I came home from work, laid down on the couch, and could.not.get.up!  Hubby had to make dinner, do the dishes, run our son to an event, make the lunches, and drag me up to bed!  Thankfully, after a half-decent night's sleep, I'm feeling considerably better today, though still tired.

I'm trying to follow a detox diet currently, but I keep falling off the wagon!  The book that inspired me is called The Detox Diet by Toronto naturopath Natasha Turner.  Perhaps you've seen her on The Marilyn Show or Dr. Oz.  The book is fabulous, and I have no doubt that following the diet would do wonders for my (and everyone's) health.  So, I'll get back on it tomorrow and hopefully persevere a little longer this time.  With Lyme disease, it is very important to control inflammation by eating a healthy diet free of sugars and low in starchy carbs. 

I also purchased the book Why Can't I Get Better?  Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease by MD Richard Horowitz.  The book is much thicker than I realized when I ordered it, so it's not a quick read.  It chronicles Dr. Horowitz's practice treating Lyme for the past 25 years with lots of patient stories as well as valuable medical information.  If you have Lyme disease, it's worth it to have a copy of this hanging around for reference.  Dr. Horowitz has quite a sense of humour which shines through in various parts of the book.  Check out his Ballad of the Deer Tick on YouTube!

Hoping this post finds you well, with a happy heart despite circumstances.  Spring is just around the corner (at least I think it is!) and I know I am looking forward to warmer days, sunshine, flowers, and the yearly reminder that new life can spring from a cold, dark place.

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  1. My daughter and I just started the Cowden protocol which you are using part of and I know Dr Horowitz used the Cowden for some of his patients that could not heal with ABX. I don't know what is going to happen with it but my daughter tried the ABX along with many supplements and could not get the pills down. The made her just not able to eat and very nauseous. We pray the Cowden works and will keep you informed. My LLMD has Lyme himself and says he is mostly using herbals now as the ABX just makes it hide and come out when they stop :(