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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Lyme News

Thank you to a reader of mine who brought this article to my attention.  Please have a read.  It is a much better depiction of the Lyme situation in Canada.

I am so pleased to learn that "a private member’s motion was passed with all-party consent in the legislature Nov. 27 calling for Ontario to develop an integrated strategy on Lyme disease, to be tabled within one year." (Article:  Lyme Warning No Surprise to Sufferers, www.yorkregion.com)

A similar proposal at the federal level, Bill C-442 introduced by Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, has a bit of a fight on its hands.  Although it has passed all three readings in the House of Commons, there is some opposition by a group of infectious disease doctors.  See this link for all of the information.

OK, so this is going to be an uphill battle, but how great that the Lyme issue is finally getting the attention of people who can actually help to provide real solutions.  I'm sure that in my lifetime, there will be major developments and people will no longer be left to suffer with this devastating illness.

Keep praying!


  1. Well said Paula. This is a very hopeful start that soon all Canadians will receive access to proper testing, diagnosing and treatment for this disease. Thanks again for sharing all the info that you do. May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas season.